Oct 2, 2010

Mirror on the wall, go for a fall?

While i'm clearly not in as cheerful a mood as last time, thanks to 45 days of college and a set of omfg-internals, things have not been all that bad. I can now, at times, look forward to getting up in the morning and stepping out of bed. I can now, without tearing out my hair, look at people doing foolish stuff around me and move on. While i'm certain there are wiser men than me who probably smile a smug smile to themselves, i'm also quite certain that they are outnumbered by the men who don't deserve a dime of my time. Earlier, i'd probably stand and stare. Now, i don't really care. What brought about these changes? Why, the beach of-course. Sitting on a beach all alone in the rain on a pleasant day, ask yourself a few questions and you'll find out what i'm talking about.

All i'm saying here is that it seemed so irrelevant to waste time on investing in people. People change, they do. For better or for worse. And when people change, equations change. When equations change, emotions change. When emotions change, your investment Always goes kaput. Now, if you had to put in your time, effort and heart into something just to watch it all erode as time passes you by, i'd mighty well recommend that you do it in smething which is not as mobile, as versatile and as volatile as a human being. People are selfish, they are. Heck, I am selfish, You are. I like it that way now, dunno if you do. So, i sat and asked myself what the wise man would do. The answer was obvious. The wise man would be a mirror. He'd be a friend to the people who wanted to be friends, an acquaintance, a "business" partner, a companion, a chum, a buddy, a pal, an enemy, a back-stabber, a secret-keeper, a bitch, an angel. And at the end of the day, the actions are more often than not, justified. No, one doesn't turn the other cheek. One doesn't give back two either. One just returns whatever was handed out to him in kind. So, if you wanna give out some candy, good for you, cuz you'll get some back! So, Trick or Treat, you decide.

Besides, a mirror never stores reflections. And what you don't store, you can't be pensive over. And life, life's just way too short to play old filmi-style flashbacks. If you gotta refer to a movie, refer to Gump,"Shit Happens!". Move on. While it may seem like a cold-blooded tune to sing, it still is way better than weeping over spilt milk and thereby holding up the milk-line, if you get what i'm saying. Besides, who doesn't like the uber-confident, suave person who doesn't have a care in the world? Everyone wants to be one. It's just their bags of emotion that weigh them down. Cut-loose and you shall find.

Apart from all the gibberish i just mentioned, things have been rolling thick and fast. VITMUN happened, and boy, am i glad it did. My first score at MUNs, representing Netherlands, being called Netherlands, Sicily's pizza, Cotton candy, Special lassi, 85 bucks pizza, bleddy dorms, trekking 15 mins to the hostels, 2 AM staircase talks, drawing half-moustaches on id-cards, being wrongly mentioned in the press Again (this time for something Maldives did, bleh!), sneaking out of the college and having people freak out at the Bihari mess, meeting someone who knows Achmed (the dead terrorist, i kill you!), having a verbattle with China during unmod, and a lot more crazy stuff happened. A huge amount of gratitude to all them folks who were a part of my experience. Ta!



  1. Stumbled on your blog through blog hopping,incidentally this post of your's is resonant with my current state of mind.

  2. Hey, Suitably impressed that you had the patient to read through this. And don't you worry, it's a perfectly awesome way of life. Keep at it! :)