Feb 22, 2012

How I want to die..

How I want to die,

Is with a smile on my face.

Not for I have lived a glorious life,

Not for I have a fulfilling one.

Not for the people I have met and forgotten,

Not for yet others whose company I have not begotten.

Not even for all the smiles I have bestowed upon the world,

Not for those I have had grace me in return.

Not for all the fantastical adventures I have been taken on

By many a pen or my own mind's song.

Naught matter the petty victories in cheap duels,

Nor do the pretty faces and scented lapels.

But for I am happy in that moment, I am,

As I lay in tender arms,

With long fingers that comb through what's left of mine hair.

For I see the happiness in those faded eyes,

As they look back to see me smiling,

Or perhaps simply because, in my mind, I'm listening to Frederic Chopin.