May 1, 2011

Microprocessor Love

For all those of you who wonder, here's what i do in microprocessors class. *Disclaimer* The characters in this story are purely fictional and in no way represent any real life people. Please keep your psychoanalysis to yourself and let me be! :p

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived our little, sweet dragon. It was a beautiful land, free of those pesky little humans, and our dragon was a happy fellow, was he.
But, as he woke up one morning feeling not quite at ease, he felt woozy and strange as if he had swallowed some bees. 'What could it be?' he wondered, 'The sheep, the cow or those delicious little seals?'. 'Ah well' he said to himself 'Maybe i'll take a little nap and wake up when i feel swell.' Three days passed as our dragon took a light snore. And then he woke up, still feeling a little sore. 'What could it be now?' he wondered. 'Now my stomach's empty and i hear ringing bells.'
Off he flew, to catch him some sheep, still wondering how he hadn't been cured, even after three days of wonderful sleep. Then he swooped down on a stray flock of sheep and as he picked up a fluffy one, he heard another weep. ", come". 'Interesting', thought the dragon to himself, later, as he picked his teeth, 'Hearing that cry made that odd feeling even more deep'.
Weeks passed by and they rolled into months. The dragon only grew miserable, till the fire was out of his lungs. This bothered him a great deal, it did. He had, after all, breathed fire since he was a kid. He felt cold and he shivered. What this great mystery was, by him, could not be deciphered.
He tried his best to get back his flame, for without it, he wouldn't quite be the same. Ate some jalapenos, peppers and chillies did he. But, they only tickled or got stuck in his teeth. He tried sparking stones all day, and, in the end managed only to set fire to some hay. Then, the evening slept and night dawned and he found fireflies spread out all across the lawn. He tried stuffing them into his mouth but he might as well have eaten a coat. So, sadly watching them, he sat, without his fire, feeling like an overgrown bat.
And then, under the moon's glow, he started to observe something slow. The fireflies seemed to glow brighter, they did, whenever they were in the company of the beautiful one chosen for them by cupid. And then it all struck him as if he had been slapped across the face with a squid.
For all this time he'd spent snacking, napping and zip-zapping, he'd always felt a li'l buzz that meant something was lacking. So, off he flew and found himself a pretty, sweet companion. And now, as they hunt together, the sheep's cries sound to him like melodies from an accordion. The End.



  1. you ought to put the caricatures from the mp notes the next time.. which probably takes in a lot more enthusiasm along with this cute lil' dragon fiesta.
    adventurous indeed :-)
    p.s. get the dragon back its firepower. and a hungarian horntail will do!

  2. @Sankhsarkar
    praise? is that really you? :p
    yes, yes. you can assume whatever happy ending you want. mujhe koi problem nahi hai!