Aug 18, 2011

Bloody 'ell!

It's not every day that you wake up coughing blood and follow it up with being stuck in a 2-hour traffic jam, thanks to the raucous supporters of Mr. Hazare and generous dollops of rain. And all the while you're stuck in the traffic, you keep thinking to yourself, is this really necessary? While the answer may vary over a gigantic range depending on who you are, in my mind there is only one. And it is a resounding, bombastic 'no!'
Now, before you hop in, label me a traitor, stretch my comments beyond imagination, rip it to shreds and make me 'mysteriously disappear' in a plane crash over Bangladesh, hear me out, won't you? My argument is simply this: The average IQ, EQ and decision making ability of the collective outburst-ers is not even in the same plane as that of the decision makers. That does not, in any way, insinuate that the greasy politicians sitting in parliament are smarter than the citizens of India. It simply means they are smarter than today's rebels. They are smarter than the people who run off to the freedom park, dumping their duties. They are smarter than the people who pay autos over-the-meter fare in doing so. They are more mature than the people who scream out loud on facebook about how 'awesome' the experience was. They are much better at handling situations than the people who create events in support of this scourge of civil society and certainly oodles smarter than those who click on every single page which says 'anna'. For it is a decision being made by dignified people who understand that handling a country is not as simple as being an adamant ol' coot and threatening to inflict self-harm unless demands are met.
Now, we've all seen shameless creeps trying to get popular over the past few weeks, be it by writing about Rahul Gandhi or by photoshopping other prominent leaders on to some kids holding each others' wieners. Funnily enough, the moron who wrote about how Rahul Gandhi is a college dropout did not bother to stop and worry about the broken English that they were writing in. So intent were they on their two minutes in the spotlight and pointing fingers or perhaps just acutely aware of the fact that it is sensationalism which sells in India. For all you great supporters of the "second freedom struggle", i have a few questions, apart from the usual have you never paid a bribe, etc. Answer them honestly, if you will and ask yourself again, is this really necessary?
  • Every time you've called a person from the North-East a 'Chingi', have you realised that you're implying that the North-East states and its people rightfully belong to China?

  • For every time you talk of corruption, would you say no to more money?

  • Every time you have been accused of a mistake, right from stealing a toffee in school to messing up a project at work, have you or have you not pointed a finger at someone else?

  • Every time you have seen a suave successful person, have you or have you not wanted to be in their shoes? And then realising it is impossible come up with reasons to pull them down, be it their blue blood, silver spoon or their nexus?

  • Have you ever put in an extra day's work, free of cost, because it will help take India forward?

  • If "all the money stashed away in overseas accounts were to come back to India", would you be happy if none of the prices or taxes were reduced and to let it all go towards the upliftment of the poor, development of the North-East & Kashmir, compensation to the farmers who have been forced to take up weapons and been branded naxalites?

  • Would you be happy to pay increased taxes so that the government officials and police get a better salary and don't have to accept bribes to maintain their families?

  • Most importantly, aren't you being a stupid tool by blindly joining rallies and protests while you couldn't even hold your own for thirty seconds in a debate on the issue against any of the people whose personalities you attack with the most perverted of claims?
If you have given the 'wrong' answer to one or more of the above questions, don't you think it's about time you put down your placards and worked on improving yourself? It's a simple choice you have; enable a tyrant or enable yourself and others around you; spread anarchy or spread tolerance, understanding, maturity and a need for self introspection and personal principles. For unless you do, you will all be nothing more than mere babblers. And nobody respects babblers.

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