Jun 22, 2010

Bengaluru Circuit Debate Version : Erdu.sonne!!

With just three days to go fr the circuit, and, with preparations begun in ernest, one would think all was well in fairyland.. I, unfortunately, beg to differ.. There are hideous mistakes being committed, heinous definitions being given out and policies being misinterpreted left, right and centre.. Now, i or your ARP wouldn't expect much better from a group of people who practise only when tournaments are on their head and then whine about how the soc doesn't function.. Screwed..
Also, i'm glad to be on the team that i am, because, with perhaps the exception of a fast balding chick, they are the best debaters in the soc at the moment.. Helps me in two ways -
a. I get cases prepared and handed out to me on a platter, which, i'm hoping will help avoid those horrid headaches i had after my previous two tournaments..
b. It's an amazing learning experience..
To be honest, i'm terrible at debating, case in point being prioritisation of issues.. Now, if not by anything, atleast by practice and with a couple of kicks in the rear, i should be able to step up a couple notches.. Besides, i also have filtercoffee being poured down my throat which is of a lot of help.. Heartfelt thanks to the people involved there..

Now, coming back to the soc, it's so obvious it's politicized.. But, to my horror, i found out the extent recently.. Now, if i were at school and said, ''c'mon guys, we need to buck up and put on a presentable face'', it would go without saying that i meant for us to improve ourselves.. How, pray, tell me, will you put on a presentable face without becoming a better debater? Are you so blinded by your need to correct what others say that you fail to stop and think for a moment? And then, there always is that buffoon with the masochistic need to look cool to everybody, be a smarter ass than everybody else, and, poke people in their bottoms without provocation.. If only the smart-ass remembered "Nobody will listen to the pope anyway"..

And in between all this, came and went the farewell to assi and mangs..
Well, mangs, gonna miss you for all those wonderful stories from you at the foodcourt.. And for being a wonderful, nice, fun person.. And, ofcrz, fr teaching me the real way to hi-five.. Hope you get into a nice job, refrain from asking mentally scarring POIs to li'l children, enjoy being scratched behind the ear and get rid of your permanent blocked nose.. :)

Assi, thanks fr having been nice to me when i initially joined the soc.. If not fr you, i'm pretty certain i wouldn't have made it to the CUPD team.. And, for being the first one to teach me how to set-up cases.. :) (Ofcrz, skanda could share the credit, but, i'll write him a tribute in another year).. Hope you get into a nice job, settle down peacefully(Mysore?) and have a nice time in general..

Ofcrz, one person never to miss, Didi!! The one person i've never seen have a bad-day at the office.. Simply wonderful.. Thanks fr being so sweet to me, inspite of me being me.. Remember so well how you were "actually offended" by afghanistan in combo with me and then melted away like soft silky chocolate when i gave you that dairy milk.. Other than that, sorry fr waking you and mangs with wmotional attyachar that day.. It was all Vipul's work.. Not me!! :) Have a wonderful time!
I hope all three of you stay in touch..

Anyway, coming off watching Spain beat Honduras,
Hoping that the soc learns to behave itself in a professional manner,
Hoping that i have my grammar right all through this post,
Lookig forward to BCD v2.0..
Yours truly..