Jun 18, 2010

Cweam Biscuits!!

As i come out of my 2nd sem exams, well almost, i'll probably remember this one for all the all-nighters i have pulled.. Infact, i got going fr my comp science exam after the Mexico-France match.. But, no, this post is not about that.. Certainly not Thaaaat.. Whoever heard of a post about insomnia? Ridiculous.. Speaking of which, Insomniac was a fairly good album.. But, i digress! No siree, this is about cream biscuits!!

As i sat pondering about what despicable things to speak of on my blog in the morning, while i should probably have been studying, my dad chipped in with some coffee and a couple of orange-cream biscuits.. Eureka!

Now, cream biscuits seemed to be something everybody Had to have an opinion about.. Pineapple, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, pista, mango, elaichi, blah.. Elaichi wasn't something i was a huge fan of.. It, for me, has always been the 'in your face' sort.. Except for Parle kismi ofcourse.. They had just the perfect blende of caramel and elaichi..

Then came the milk-cream biscuits, the name of which i can't seem to recollect, which were shaped like faces.. I, as a kid, used to love them biscuits! It used to be so much fun to try and seek out the milk-cream between all the biscuity flavour.. *sigh* Little joys which seem to be all a haze now..

Well, it was soon surpassed by the all-conquering Bourbon.. There was just something about those sleek looks, the chocolaty smell, the sparkly sugar crystals and That chocolaty test that you just couldn't resist.. It was actually what got me picking apart the two biscuits, finishing off the chocolate cream from in between and then eating the biscuits themselves.. Now, before you say anything about the way i eat them cream biscuits, better cast an eye at the post below.. :)

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