Jun 17, 2010

Kiddo Steps..

As i set out on this foolish, ill thought of endeavor, i can only think of one thing to say;
"You're Defffpicable!!"
Alright, now that i'm done with reliving a tiny fraction of my gloriously miserable childhood, i'd like to acknowledge the "Kiddo" tag and it's exclusivity.. Although the fondness/acceptance of the tag probably stems from the person who slapped the tag on me, i must admit, its not such a bad tag to have after all.. It, for one, is way better than the troll-like Paila.. Also, it gives you an umbrella to protect yourself with when whimsical seniors, who have some masochistic need to prove their "authoritae", try to stick further sloppy nick-names to you.. Glad to have that umbrella, though it may be slightly on the pink side...
- Kudos Tee..

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