Sep 11, 2011

The rain in the coffee shop

As i stood there, in the rain, backpack in tow, imagining that the scene looked like one of the timeless classics and i, like Gregory Peck, my thoughts started to drift. I know not when the two worlds collided for they seemed to have merged seamlessly and i found myself in a coffee shop. Not just any coffee shop. The coffee shop where i had finally met her..

It was all a haze, the past. All those times we'd celebrated over being Scorpios, all those shared jibes we'd taken at people we didn't like, all those promises we believed we would keep, never having met once in real life. All the wonderful music we shared, all the empty silences we braved..

It all came down to that moment, where love ends and hurt begins. And hurt, often causes one to hurt. 'May be you'll blog about me,' she said. 'You'd like that, wouldn't you?' said i, with an imperfect, unsure smirk. 'But, you know what's wrong with you?' i carried on, laying it all out, one icy shard after the other, silently praying she would change her mind. And we spent the final moments in silence.

As i left, having shook the hand of this tender flower whom i wanted to caress and hold in my arms, the words reverberated in my ear 'It's wrong. You're so much younger. It's just wrong..' And so they shall, for a long time..

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