Sep 13, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 - Hands on!

After a lazy kicked-back saturday afternoon at chai point with 'rj ranjaan', i was finally off on my way to the Goldfinch hotel, for my first indiblogger meet, ever. Little did i know, as i bounced on the balls of my feet in excitement, that i would be stuffed into one of those shiny local buses with overly loud telugu/tamil/kannada cinema blaring through the speakers before i got there. But got there i did.

Now, i'm not a person who likes wasting too much time when i'm somewhere with a purpose (which, sadly, doesn't seem to apply to my general life) and off i set, charging straight to the point where the galaxy tabs were being doled out. Sadly enough, i didn't manage to land my hands on one right away. So, off it was, to the presentation by sarfaraz, which, given that it was an informal saturday afternoon, was pretty much all that could have been asked for. Free sweatshirts flowed through the halls, like the rain did through the streets outside. And some delicioso high-tea and "performance" discussions later, i finally had my hands on one of those beauties.

At the very outset, it was clear as day that the bright screen was something worth drooling over. (see what i did there? heh.) The display was definitely better than any i had ever seen. Trust me, held it wayy close to my eyes and checked. The pixel density of 149 ppi really pays off here and makes it the perfect device to use if you want to watch a movie/show on a bus ride. Another thing, quite akin to the iPad 2 was the lightness and the overall feel. The Galaxy Tab so light, it made me weigh my phone twice, just to compare. Throw in a classy finish as well and you're in for a certain visual delight.

Another thing very important to me is my music. And i certainly would appreciate the comfort of being able to keep my ipod/walkman at home some day, for some reason, knowing that the galaxy tab would be right there for me. Out came the XB-300s for a test ride. And i wasn't disappointed, at all. While i did not manage to figure out a way to edit the levels of bass and treble, the galaxy tab still provided me with better quality on music than my laptop did. Thumbs up, there.

As far as the performance was concerned, everything seemed to run smooth, even when i was streaming music through the browser in the background, using a 'live' wallpaper and using the integrated gmaps. The browser, in itself, was laudable, having adobe flash 10.2 and rendering websites pretty much the same as on a full-blown computer. Another lovely feature, from earlier, is the way e-books can be read almost like real ones, turning of pages et al included. Of course, the readers hub may take a while to catch on, but it's definitely a healthy addition.

There was one tiny blackspot, however, as the touchscreen seemed to fail to respond a couple of times, not more than once on each occasion though. However, this slight tardiness in responding to touch may very well be something which can be made a non-issue with a particular way of touching the screen. And, maybe, just maybe, samsung could have let the android music player as stock, rather than integrating it with the touchwiz ux. Still, overall, a very healthy competitor for the tab market. Gonna run the iPad close, this one is.

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